• New beginnings

    Hello from my new blog! As you can see I have a new domain and a layout too and to be absolutely honest with you, this wasn't something I had planned in advance. A couple of days ago server on my previous site broke and everything dissapeared. I still can't access my previous blog posts (I will do my best to import them here!) and can't log in and since the exact same thing happened before not too long ago, I thought this is the right time for a change. I hope you guys like the new theme, I personally really love it now :D I added some features I think my previous blog was lacking of - so you have categories now,  a search button, tags and you can subscribe to a newletter and get an update everytime I post something here! As for the outfit, I've been digging the whole-white look recently. Maybe cause it's been so unbelievably hot in LA and wearing black is not always a smart thing to do. And hell yeah.....

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